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"There is one thing that cannot be disputed: if you keep reading this quote, you will eventually get to the end of it." 

George Downes

Hi! I'm George and I would love to help you create something awesome. I'm from the wonderful county of Herefordshire in the UK

I've been working as a video producer and graphic designer since 2009 having worked on a diverse range of creative projects, music videos, corporate info videos and more graphic designs than you can shake a laptop at, from logos to book covers.


 I've also been composing and producing music since a young age and have grown that passion through various personal projects like Muchuu many years ago and today with my solo project Sign Of Angelo.

I have composed music for TV documentaries, for live stage performances and short films. Check out some samples!

I also love to write poetry, make up terrible jokes and write deep philosophical thoughts about God and the universe.


My range of skill sets in writing, visual and audio have meant that for many projects I have delivered on all aspects from conception to completion. It's a real joy! The knowledge of each area means that I have an understanding of the relationship between them, particularly music and video. My wife often asks me to stop commenting on the production of films whilst we're watching them. Dreadful habit.

If you require someone to help in one of these areas of expertise then please do get in touch!

George Downes_on stage.jpg

Photo by Surefooted Media

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